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by September 3, 2016
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Spicy Subscriptions was generous enough to supply me with a complimentary Spice Box so I could review it for FLURT’s readers. When I received my box (the February 2016 Edition), it arrived in a discreet envelope in the mail. The service’s discreetness is a definite bonus, especially since this summer I was living with my parents.

The Spice Box contained a full-size massage lotion, a full-size sex toy, two fun flavored lubes, pasties, intense orgasm gel and a sampler of a sexy audio Subscription. This box is a fantastic deal for $34.95/month. The folks at Spicy subscriptions cater to sex-positive couples, and emphasize female pleasure and sexuality – something we LOVE at FLURT!

Here’s a breakdown of the products I received:

Body Boudoir Love in Luxury Naked Pheromone Moisture Meringue in Moroccan Fusion (Valued at $12.99 USD)

The arrival of this box came at the perfect time. My partner was leaving for Japan, so we were ready for an intimate night before he left. This Moisture Meringue was a great foreplay aid. My partner gave me a massage using the cream, and the smell was amazing. Fruity, but musky, it’s perfect for an intimate massage. The ‘pheromone’ ingredients sound a bit hokey, but it gives you a very warm sensation when you smell it – a bit like how a good kiss can leave you sleepy.

I give this product 5/5

JO Flavored Personal Lubricant Gift Set In Carnival Nights Cotton Candy and Make me Hot Cinnamon (Valued at $11.34 USD)

When it comes to having good sex, lube is an essential ingredient for me – but my partner and I like to alternate between penetration, manual stimulation and oral sex all the way through lovemaking. This means that lube that doesn’t taste good is off-limits. Finding good lube that tastes amazing is difficult, but JO Lube does not disappoint! I was hesitant about the Cinnamon flavor, as spicy items paired with my vagina didn’t sound like a great combo. Fortunately, there was no burning sensation, and my partner loved the flavor. I preferred the cotton candy flavor. This lube is great but needs to be reapplied often.

I give this product 4.5

Bijoux Indescrets Body Decorations: Mimi Rhinestone Pasties in pearl (Valued at $15.99 USD)

As someone who loves lingerie but also being naked, these pasties are a great in-between. The pearl style makes me feel like a 1920s socialite gone rogue, and they add a fun texture for your partner to rub against. The pasties are also reusable!

I give this product 5/5

Wanna Be Wild Crazy Girl Intense Orgasm Gel (Valued at $16.50 USD)

This gel is a lube on steroids; it lubricates and uses clove oil to increase blood flow to the clitoris and g-spot. I love that this product is specifically for women, but I didn’t have the best orgasm of my life like I thought I would (pretty close, though – my partner is fantastic).

I give this product 3/5

Spicy Subscriptions Spicy Pink Rabbit Vibrator with Pouch (Valued at $34.29 USD)

I’ve thought about buying a rabbit vibrator for a while now, and now I understand why so many people do: This vibrator is MAGICAL. It has two separate motors, a textured head, it rotates and thrusts to simulate intercourse and the rabbit ears have a fun texture to stimulate the clit. Masturbating with this was absolutely incredible. Once in position, with the large dildo inside the vagina and the external rabbit ears on the clitoris, it was such an easy and relaxing masturbatory experience! All you have to do it hold it gently in place while it does its thing. You can focus on watching porn, fantasizing, reading erotica, or on your partner and still have an absolutely incredible, all-over orgasm. I would recommend this product to anyone. This is a perfect option for your first vibe. Spicy Subscriptions has this product on sale in their online store for $19.99 USD right now, so go buy it. It’s well worth it. The controls are user friendly, and it takes AAA batteries, which are cheap and easy to find.

I give this product 5/5

Pillow Audio Foreplay Assistant Sampler (Valued at $7.99 USD/month)

Unfortunately, this app is only available for Apple products, but the concept is GREAT. The premise is to either have one partner blindfolded with the other listening to the audio on headphones and following along, or to have it playing so that both partners can hear (like having a Siri-esque threesome). You follow the commands and can stop at any time. This app is great for spicing up foreplay, learning new techniques and connecting with your partner on a new level. Episodes explore foreplay, but body scanning, consent, communication and intimacy. All episodes are short, sex positive and don’t use pronouns, so it’s perfect for couples of all genders and orientations.

I give this product 5/5

Overall, the Spice Box was an amazing value. I wasn’t crazy about the Orgasm gel, but I will treasure the rabbit vibe forever. This box was a phenomenal experience for my partner and I as a couple. It empowered both of us to try new things, revisit kinks we hadn’t done in a long time and explore intimacy in a fun, exciting, and low pressure way. We didn’t have to choose the products or stand around in a sex store – we received them, used them, and had a TON of fun. I think I will become a regular subscriber.

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