Kaelyn and Lucy Have Broken Up

by September 11, 2016
filed under Sex & Dating
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Kaelyn and Lucy have been in our lives for six years. We watched them meet over and over again as they traveled across the world to see each other. We watched them part again and again as they flew back to their own countries. We watched them close the distance, move in together, build their family, do live shows, be on the cover of DIVA and more. And now we’re watching them break up, because not all love, even though it’s true and amazing, will last forever.

Kaelyn and Lucy have taught us that you can make it out of the torture that is long distance and get to the other side, where you have everything you could have ever wanted. They’ve taught us that you can conquer the world because your love is so powerful, and you can inspire others to come out and show the world just how powerful their love is too. Kaelyn and Lucy have shown us that if we work hard at something we believe in, like standing up for LGBTQ rights, great things can happen, like getting the right to marry your partner. But most of all, Kaelyn and Lucy have taught us that you can do all of those things and move on with your life, because the reality is that we’re always going to be growing and sometimes we grow apart. That doesn’t mean none of it mattered – it means that this part of your journey together has ended, and you have a new one to take.

Just like many great love stories, just because it has ended doesn’t mean it isn’t one that shouldn’t be told to our children. Kaelyn and Lucy will continue to inspire many LGBTQ youth who wonder if they’ll ever have the courage to come out and find love. In this personal and hard time, we want to thank Kaelyn and Lucy for their support over the years and wish them all the best in whatever they decide to do next. We know we’ll support the next chapter in their lives here at FLURT, and we hope you’ll respect their decision, give them the privacy they need and support them with us as well.

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