4 Ways To Stop Feeling Insecure During Sex

by October 9, 2016
filed under Sex & Dating
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Louise Pentland, or SprinkleOfGlitter as she’s known on the internet, is a terrific advocate for body confidence and self love. Recently, Louise made a video announcing to her viewers that moving forward, she would be speaking about more ‘adult’ topics, including sex, on her channel. So in this video, Louise continues her conversation about body confidence and also incorporates the topic of sex, since people can feel vulnerable in their bodies when having sex.

Louise handles the topic in her typical confident, honest and witty manner. She begins by mentioning the importance of consent and then discusses such issues as unrealistic standards set by porn, reasons why sex is more pleasurable if you’re confident, and ways to ease into being more confident during sex. This video is definitely worth a watch!

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