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by October 11, 2016
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OMGYes focuses on enhancing female sexual pleasure. With OMGYes, you can “explore the specific ways different women find pleasure based on new research.” The approach OMGYes takes to sex education is open, honest and innovative. One of the coolest features is the touch-screen section, where you can use your finger to stimulate a responsive vagina and get real, recorded feedback.

The site is subscription-based, so you pay around $25 USD to watch the entire first season as much as you want. Each episode includes a write up; an interview with women about the technique explored; a demonstration of the technique explored; graphs, charts, and statistics about the technique; and the opportunity to test it out with your touch screen. I tried the site out for FLURT and fell in love. It’s an incredible experience for people with vaginas AND their partners.

Seeing other women talk so openly about their sexual pleasure made me realize how important my own pleasure is, and how important communication, demonstration and exploration are in the bedroom.

The touch screen simulation shows ways of giving healthy, confident feedback in bed—something most of us can work on! This portion of the site is also great because it is important for people of all genders to get up close and personal with different vaginas, in order to rid our bodies of taboo and shame.

I really can’t recommend this site more. After trying the site out for a few weeks, I spoke with Emily Lindin, Executive Director of OMGYes. This is what she had to say.

FLURT: What is your role in the OMGYES community?

Emily: It’s a startup tech company, so as executive director I do a little bit of everything. It’s really fun because it’s such a small group of us—we’re able to really get involved. As executive director I get to have a hand in all different departments.

F: What is your background in sexual health and education?

E: For the past few years I have been running the Un-Slut Project, rooted in personal stories with sharing women’s experience in sexual shame. It’s a place for women to voice their experiences with sexual bullying and shame. OMGYes has been a revelation for me because it is so feminist and uplifting—it’s nice to move away from the shame and violence often associated with female sexuality.

F: What do you love most about the series?

E: I love that it’s rooted in real women’s experience. The scientific research is really important, but having these videos that are explicit and open and comfortable is too; [pleasure] doesn’t have to be scary, it can be inviting! We can have conversations!

F: What surprises you the most about OMGYES?

E: How common some of these things are that feel good. We’re doing ongoing research but there was one technique that was really familiar to me. It was nice to have research to back it up, to learn that over 3/4 of women also do “orbiting”, which is my go-to move that I never had a name for! What I do, what just feels natural, is actually something that a lot of other women do! To have inspiration from other women about what else they do and other ways to expand on it. You find some solidarity with other women doing the same things and can learn from the ways other women use orbiting.

F: Do you have a favorite video?

E: I love Sydney’s videos, because she’s from a different generation. It’s so fun for me to hear older women who I’ve always seen as kind of serious, I love watching her talk about it, reflecting back on what she wish she knew as a younger woman.

F: What can we look forward to in season two?

E: Season one is the tip of the iceberg, but in our second round of research, instead of focusing on external ways of touching, we’re going to be expanding on oral sex, inside touching and combinations—‘multitasking’ if you will, which most women find most pleasurable.

F: What is OMGYes to you, in one sentence?

E: OMGYes is a long time coming. I like that because it’s a pun, but it really is a revelation. It’s a collection of insights and wisdom from women of all ages and backgrounds that we can all keep learning from.

F: Finally, what is one thing about female sexuality or pleasure that you wish you’d known sooner?

E: I wish I had known that my partners wanted guidance. I wish I had known that it wasn’t embarrassing or rude to describe what I wanted. For any kind of sexual pleasure that’s focused on me, I’d feel guilty to just lie back and enjoy it, to just relax and enjoy what my partner is doing.

F: What would you like our readers to know about female sexual pleasure?

E: We can all just be a little more curious about it! I want people to feel that they can make their sex life better and more enjoyable. I hope that all of your readers can come to OMGYes and see a difference!

Flurt: On that note, what sort of feedback have you received from users?

E: It’s been overwhelmingly great. People are really ready for this type of information and are really ready for these kinds of details. A lot of women will describe something that they’ve learned that really changed their life, or a sense of being able to relax and enjoy themselves. The site gives a lot of women permission to enjoy themselves.

Even without subscribing, you can head over to OMGYes to read about the research that helped make the project possible and read about common myths surrounding female sexuality.

GIVEAWAY: Follow FLURT and OMGYes on social media and like our post about the contest before October 16th to enter to win a subscription to OMGYes! The more you like and share the contest, the more likely you are to win!

What was your OMGYes moment—when you realized your sexual pleasure was important to you AND your partner(s)? Let us know in the comments below.

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