Rowan Ellis Talks Witches in ‘Something Wicked’ Series

by October 14, 2016
filed under Entertainment
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The Halloween season is upon us, and we could not be more excited to start DIY-ing our costumes, cuddling up with a scary flick or enjoying the magical feeling of sharing treats with trick-or-treaters on the 31st.

In preparation for all that spooky cheer, today we’re sharing YouTuber Rowan Ellis’s introductory video to her ‘Something Wicked’ series. Rowan is intrigued by the history of witchcraft and how it has affected women throughout history. She wonders: “What is the importance of witch narratives to women? Why are women and witchcraft so closely linked? How is the idea of an internal power source separate from social structures implicitly radical? Come with me on a journey through this series as we try and answer those questions and more!”

If you love this intro video as much as we do, then check out Rowan’s channel to see the rest of the videos so far in this series. We hope there’s more to come this year!

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