We Spoke to a Sex Coach to Find Out Why People are Seeking Out Her Services

by November 30, 2016
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Lucy Rowett is a sex coach from England and the author of Get Sexy: A Juicy Girl’s Guide to Reclaiming Your Natural Sensuality. Amanda, FLURT’S Editor-in-Chief, caught up with Lucy over email to talk about what it means to be a sex coach, why people seek out her services and how this kind of non-conventional career has changed her life for the better.

Amanda: So what exactly is a sex coach?

Lucy: Sex coaching is actually a brand new field, and no, it doesn’t mean I stand by people’s beds like a cheerleader! A sex coach works like a life coach – meaning we work with clients to achieve what goals they want, but in their sex lives.

A: Why did you decide to take this kind of non-conventional career path?

L: After a health breakdown in my teens, I was forced out of the regular education system. On rebuilding my health, I realized I couldn’t follow the conventional career path, so I did a lot of work around finding my passions. It turned out my passions are writing, spirituality and sex, and I wanted to do a career in a field I loved. I came across Sex Coach U last year, and started with them in January. I feel so at home in the sexology community because we’re all oddballs who want to create change and envision a sex positive world. I’m very excited to be a part of it.

A: What part does spirituality play in your life and career?

L: Initially I trained in the psychic arts and energy healing. I love how my training at Sex Coach U embraces a holistic model created by Dr Patti Britton, because I believe it’s hugely important to embrace the whole person: Mind, emotions, body, energy and spirit. One of my inspirations is Sexologist Gina Ogden who created the ISIS wheel: Integrating Sex and Spirituality. I rely on my intuition a lot, and I still read the tarot for clients too. Spirituality is very much a part of my lifestyle, as I treat life as an ongoing journey where I am constantly learning, growing and healing. But at the same time, I believe everyone’s experiences of spirituality are different and don’t try and force my beliefs on anyone.

A: Do you find yourself a lot happier now that you’ve changed your lifestyle?

L: Absolutely. I couldn’t imagine ever having a regular job or way of life now. I wake up feeling excited and inspired, and am always learning something new. My work is very flexible, and I feel like I’m using all of my skills. Plus, I find that a lot of unexpected people come to me for sex advice, and I feel like I’m getting to the heart of what makes people tick.

A: What kind of things do people come to you for help with?

L: The most common questions are from men with rapid ejaculation issues, as well as women who want more from their sex lives. Often people just want an open and sympathetic ear they can talk to about sex who they know won’t be shocked or judge them.

A: What can you be found doing in your downtime?

L: I organize an international meetup, so I’m often hanging with my friends from there, and I love learning new languages. When I’m not writing on my website, I’m dancing Bachata or just walking by the sea where I live. And I really want to get back into making perfume.
For more information on Lucy and her sex coaching services, visit her website www.juiceandjasmine.com where you can sign up for her newsletter. Or visit her on Twitter @juiceandjasmine.

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