10 Comedians to Get You Through A Trump Presidency

by December 22, 2016
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’Tis the season of party invites, and this year almost all them come with the acknowledgement that 2016 has sucked, let’s party it away.

I’m paraphrasing of course, but 2016 has brought us Brexit, random clown crime, ISIS, natural disasters, military coups, influential musicians and journalists leaving us too soon, young black men leaving us too soon, Pulse Nightclub’s shooting, the refugee crisis worsening everywhere, and the orange cherry on top—Trump being voted America’s President-elect.

While I wish we could all just hide under our covers and cry until the world figures its shit out, there are bills to pay and action to take. It’s important to find a balance when you’re outlining your activism for the unforeseen future, so please enjoy this list of comedians that will try, though it’s a tall order, to get you through the Trump presidency.

1. John Mulaney
He’s lanky, effeminate, straight, and acknowledges that these things don’t generally go together. His stories flow together seamlessly, and he often refers to past bits during his show, making the writing, memorization and performance all the more impressive. Catch his two Netflix specials or, if you’re in New York, you could even try to check out his show, Oh Hello, with Nick Kroll.

2. Corinne Fisher
One half of the comedy duo behind Sorry About Last Night and the Guys We Fucked podcast, Corinne is a comic who gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks about her, yet many fucks about equality and political engagement. Her honesty and vulnerability is admirable, and I’d highly recommend following her on all forms of social media @philanthropygal.

3. Krystyna Hutchinson
You can that tell this Guys We Fucked co-host has a BFA in acting based on her hilarious voices and character impersonations. Other New York based projects of hers include the shows Sorry About Last Night, Glamourpuss and Sunday Night Sex Talks. She and Corinne also have an empowering TedTalk that makes it quite clear that no one will be grabbing their pussies without consent.

4. Jessica Williams
You may recognize Jessica from The Daily Show, Girls, and countless other hilarious cameos, but you should really subscribe to podcast 2 Dope Queens with Phoebe Robinson. Side note: This show features three comedians each episode, generally from a minority population, so you’ll be able to discover even more comedic fun while supporting queer artists of color! She’s a New Yorker that frequently performs at L.A’s Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre. Follow her on Instagram too, where you can see her adventures as #worldsokayestaunt.

5. Phoebe Robinson
Far from just a comedian, Phoebe is a New York Times bestselling author, podcaster, actress and U2’s biggest fan. Aside from listening to her hilarious rapport with Jessica on 2 Dope Queens, you can also subscribe to her solo project Sooo Many White Guys. Her laugh is enchanting and contagious, and her work focuses on inequality while being presented in a light and entertaining way.

6. Mike Birbiglia
He’s the kind of guy I’d bring home to meet my parents—a statement I couldn’t attribute to most comedians. He will make you laugh and cry in Sleepwalk With Me which he both wrote and starred in, as well as entertain you via his appearances in Comedy Central specials, Trainwreck, Your Sister’s Sister, Girls, Orange Is The New Black and more.

7. Kate McKinnon
Known for her fantastic imitations of Hilary Clinton and Ellen Degeneres, Kate McKinnon’s blooper reel alone could keep you distracted until 2020. In between episodes of Saturday Night Live and re-watching the latest Ghostbusters, I’d highly recommend acquainting yourself with The Big Gay Sketch Show and Vag Magazine.

8. Paul F. Thompkins
Rarely seen without a bowtie, this comedian must have at least one clone. He is constantly doing something and it is always entertaining. Subscribe to his podcast SPONTANEANATION for some long form improv and interviews, or just type his name into your podcast search for hundreds of guest appearances and collaborations. He has starring roles in Bojack Horseman and Bajillion Dollar Properties and his own comedy special Paul F Thompkins: Crying and Driving.

9. Michael Che
Another former correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live cast member, Michael Che’s new Netflix special was so good that I watched it twice in one day. He talks Trump, porn, race and more, and his special will make your conservative parents the perfect level of uncomfortable.

10. Bo Burnham
Far from your average comedian, this 26-year-old creates multimedia masterpieces one of which is newly on Netflix. He sings, reads poetry, plays the piano, raps and mimes, and forces his audience to accept that entertainment and happiness are often illusions.

Good luck, dear readers. May these comedians give you washboard abs while distracting you from Trump.

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