5 Netflix Shows to Watch This Winter

by December 30, 2016
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I take my Netflix list pretty seriously. It provides solace on my most anxiety-ridden, deadline-terrorized, hermit days as equally as it does on my joyous, relaxed, and content days.

With a massive influx of new content every month, Netflix has become my go-to for gut-busting comedies (with wicked female leads!), unlikely documentaries, and dramas darker than anything you’ll find on non-premium cable.

Now that the days are officially darker and shorter, it’s the best time to grab your favourite snacks, snuggle into your favourite spot on the sofa, and check out these five Netflix shows:

1. Chewing Gum
Twenty-four-year-old Tracey Gordon is desperate to lose her virginity to her boyfriend of six years – until she realizes he’s not right for her. Over eight, twenty-minute episodes you’ll follow Tracey’s awkward first attempts at dating that are so real you’ll be shaking your head, shouting, “NO!” while cry-laughing with memories of your own stumbles in love and sex. This young woman’s adventureS into the world of dating, combined with subtle-yet-strong commentaries on gender and racial stereotyping, is a cult-classic in the making. If you loved Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and don’t mind some R-rated content, then check out this hilarious new comedy based on the life of series’ writer and star Michaela Coel.

2. The Crown
With six seasons planned in total, the first season of The Crown might just reel you in for the long haul. The biography of Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, portrays her heart-breaking ascension to the throne in such an unassuming way that you might begin to understand the depths of her sacrifices. Relationships with Elizabeth’s sister, mother, disgraced uncle, and — most of all — husband are thoroughly examined as the young woman becomes the monument, The Queen.

3. Black Mirror
Each episode of this thrilling series features a new dystopian concept. Set in the near-future, Black Mirror questions our reliance on social media as self-validation, the increase and use of ever-realistic technologies, and the morality of humans as our world continues to swiftly adapt. Be prepared to never look at the world the same again as you try to reconcile the honest possibilities of the future.

4. Easy
A rare thirty-minute drama, this show teeters the line between edgy and safe. Easy episodes focus on straight and queer relationships between people of different body types and races without the storylines being about those differences — another rarity. Easy isn’t afraid to explore the sexuality of men and women of all ages, while also examining different details of those relationships, including non-gender-normative roles. The show works at breaking the mold, beginning with one episode that’s spoken almost entirely in Spanish, and basing the show in Chicago instead of the typical New York City. I look forward to the rest of the seasons being put on Netflix in the hopes that we see even more non-normative roles and relationships examined.

5. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
Years ago I was enthralled with the speed-walking, fast-talking mother-daughter dynamo known as Lorelai and Rory – and now the entire cast of Gilmore Girls (save the late Edward Herrmann) is back with four 90-minute episodes. With each episode spanning a season, we’ll be able to gaze into a year of the life of our favorite childhood characters and finally find out what Rory is doing now that she’s our age and if she’s struggling just like we are.

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