The Ultimate Feminist Gift Guide for 2016

by December 9, 2016
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Shopping for a friend? Treating yourself after the disaster that was 2016? This list has you covered with jewelry, books, and a ton of art to soothe your worn-out feminist soul this holiday season. Even if you’re just buying for yourself, all of these products support the artists who make them or the cause of their choice.


1. Vagocado Black Skater Dress by Joanna Thangiah – $65.00 (sizes XS-5XL)

Everything artist Joanna Thangiah makes is superb, but this Vagocado print is to DIE for. Vulvas and avocados? Together? In a skater dress? YES PLEASE. Joanna Thangiah’s shop sells an insane amount of feminist merch, and her clothing prints are ALL A++.


2. She of the Mountains by Vivek Shraya – $18.74 (paperback)

Vivek Shraya is an incredible writer, and her debut novel weaves a bisexual love story with Hindu mythology to create something so beautiful, only Vivek could do it. Check out her music, art, and other books while you’re at it.


3. Don’t Let Them Gaslight You Spiral Notebook by Frizz Kid – $16.25

Known for her affirmation doodles, this spiral notebook will serve as a constant reminder to stand up to gas lighting. Write down all of your feminist feels and journal the night away. Follow Frizz Kid for weekly affirmations.


4. Art Prints by Frances Cannon – $100.00

Self love, self-care, and body acceptance all in these beautiful minimalist, one-of-a-kind prints. Frances Cannon also provides the option of a Tattoo Ticket, so that you can get her art put on your body permanently and give her the credit she deserves.


5. Self Care Stickers by Gemma Correll – $8.00 CAD

Known for pugs and puns, Gemma Correll is an artist to look out for. Snag her stickers for grown-ups, because self-care is feminist AF.


6. Laurie Melia Ceramics – varying prices

Laurie Melia’s incredible designs pop up on Etsy and disappear in minutes, so keep a look out for your very own vulva vase! There is truly nothing else like her art out there. Follow Laurie on instagram to be the first in line to her etsy store.


7. “Lay” by Johanna Stickland – $50.00

Model and artist Johanna Stickland subverts the male gaze in all of her paintings and photographs. Hang this powerful print above your bed for a constant reminder of feminine beauty. All proceeds of this gorgeous print go directly to Planned Parenthood.


8. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur – $14.99

Everyone needs to own a copy of this transcendent book by Toronto poet Rupi Kaur. These poems and drawings explore trauma, triumph, love, heartbreak, pain, and beauty. It is the first book I recommend to all of the young women I teach. Follow Rupi on instagram for short poems and updates on public readings.


9. Vulva Ring by Su Keates – $68.00

Artist Su Keates creates exquisite pieces out of everything from silver to wood. Make a statement with this bold ring, or gift it to anyone who appreciates the magic of a vuvla.

What feminist gifts would you recommend this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!

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