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by December 7, 2016
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In a time when young people are coming together through rallies such as Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock, Brad Walsh is providing the soundtrack to our hope for the future. Whether it’s in a pair of earbuds while commuting to a rally or at the club to celebrate afterwards, Brad’s thoughtful pop music is bringing consciousness to the club – where it’s been all along.

Indeed, movements such as LGBTQ activism started in the safety of gay bars, where people could develop a sense of community. Not only did Brad come into the scene while remixing hits from Britney Spears and Adam Lambert, but he’s creating a new one with tunes that don’t just make you want to dance but also question the real issues at hand.

Issues in this magazine, like greenjobs saving our planet – where climate campaigner Mike Hudema is working to replace fossil fuels with the renewable sector. Or the death of cigarettes, where our generation has deemed smoking ‘uncool.’ And finally, how to help homeless youth in the worst season to not have a roof over your head.

But you don’t have to be on the front lines to make a difference. Inside the following pages, you’ll read inspiring stories – such as how young people are getting past their eating disorders and developing healthy sex lives. How to start your own holiday tradition while you’re away from home – and even how to manage your mental health overseas.

There are so many fantastic stories in the Winter 2017 issue that will inspire you. So whether you’re at Standing Rock or a gay club or reading this magazine, remember that you’re absorbing positive, life-changing media that can make a difference when you come together with like-minded people and share your experiences with the world.

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