I Got a Lash Lift and It Was the Best Thing I Did for Myself

by January 10, 2017
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Growing up, I was always jealous of other girls who embodied the long, thick, feminine-looking eyelashes I desperately wanted. It seemed like no matter how long I spent curling mine and applying as much mascara as possible they would just turn back to short, straight and masculine-looking lashes before long. I didn’t realize then that not everyone else had straight, downward-pointing lashes, and that other girls had an easier time looking feminine in the way that I wanted to because theirs naturally curled upwards.

It wasn’t until I was searching for a place to get an eyelash tint in an effort to make them pop that I realized that tinting them wouldn’t make them look the way I wanted. While reading through the services at Flirt Lashes in Edmonton, Canada, I discovered the LVL Treatment, which actually lifts your lashes naturally and lets you wake up feeling fabulous without even trying. Unlike a lash perm, a lift is a completely natural, low-maintenance treatment.

LVL stands for Lash, Volume and Lift – and if you’re like me and you don’t like making much of an effort to get ready but still want to look feminine, the LVL Treatment is an inexpensive way to boost your confidence. Along with a brow and eyelash tint, a lash lift gives your natural beauty that ‘pop’ you’re looking for without having to spend time putting on makeup – or just throw on a tinted moisturizer, some bronzer and a coat of mascara and you’ll look effortlessly gorgeous just in time for work, a hike or a date.

The process is simple: Sit comfortably in a chair, close your eyes, relax and even fall asleep while you have your LVL Treatment. It takes about an hour, but it goes by quickly as you chat, listen to the TV, meditate or catch up on some sleep. Not only do you come out of your appointment with fantastic eyelashes, but you feel rejuvenated having had an hour break to yourself and away from your phone. The ladies working at Flirt Lashes are incredibly friendly and helpful, taking you through every step of the process.

The first time I went for my LVL appointment, I was terrified that I would have an allergic reaction or that it was painful. ‘How could I put any kind of chemical near my eyes?’ I thought. But it wasn’t at all, and the LVL Treatment doesn’t harm your lashes long term like eyelash extensions can – since everyone’s eyelashes naturally fall out and replace themselves overtime, they gradually lower back to your original lashes over six weeks. And for those of you who are wary to try a lash lift, there are three options based on your preference – I chose the medium lift just to be safe.

The only thing negative that I noticed during my appointment was a bit of stinging because of the fumes, but they gave me a tiny fan to blow near my eyes which made it disappear quickly. They also told me that it was best not to get my lashes wet for 24 hours after the treatment – but all I needed to do was avoid my eyes when I washed my face before bed.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the long, thick, feminine-looking eyelashes I’ve wanted my whole life. I walked out having paid $75 CAD and felt like a million bucks. I’ve always though that it was superficial to do treatments like this and that you should feel comfortable in your own skin, but because of the lash lift I’ve felt gorgeous every day since, my self esteem has increased and I feel confident jumping out of bed and running errands barefaced. Since then, I’ve decided to switch to the highest lift – and I can happily say I’ll be continuing it long term.

The LVL Treatment is one thing I can do for myself that makes me feel good every day, it’s inexpensive, low maintenance and it makes my daily routine even more effortless while making my natural beauty pop. If you live in the Edmonton area and are looking for a way to feel feminine without having to put makeup on, this is a great service – in fact, it’s the only place in Edmonton where you can get it. Because of this, Flirt Lashes also offers classes for estheticians to learn the LVL Treatment to give their own clients.

To learn more about the LVL Treatment at Flirt Lashes or to book an appointment or a class, go to www.flirtlashes.com for more information.

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