10 Items That Will Make Your Life Easier

by February 1, 2017
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With school, work and a social life, your time is valuable and anything that can save you time is priceless. That’s why I’ve put together my 10 picks that will help you simplify your life and concentrate on what you really want to spend your time doing.

1) Coffee Pot Alarm Clock
Soon to be dubbed “the Barisieur,” this machine will be on store shelves within a few months. With a campaign on Indiegogo, inventor Josh Renouf is working create a machine that will take over bedside tables and is superior to your average alarm clock. This machine can brew both coffee and tea! All you have to do is set a timer so that it brews your desired beverage right before your alarm goes off. Imagine—the first thing you reach for after you hit the snooze button could be a pre-made cup of coffee or tea. Other smart features include a small drawer for sugar, a vessel to store milk, a glass mug and a USB port. ($299 USD on Indiegogo, retails at $420 USD—taxes and shipping included)

2) Solar Powered Phone Charger
Solar energy is the future, isn’t it? With this charger,instead of stressing out over finding available electrical outlets, all you need is a sunny day and a window. Just stick the solar pad to the window and allow your electronics to charge. It can fully charge any device with the energy of 10 -15 hours of sunlight. ($31.99 USD)

3) Boot dryer
Tired of trying to balance your soaking footwear on the vent? You’re in luck! Now you can simply place them on the patented feet dry ports that circulates air for thorough drying. It neutralizes odors and is designed to remove contaminants like viruses and mold. Say goodbye to soggy feet, skin irritation and early deterioration of footwear materials. ($49.95 USD)

4) Heated Butter Knife
This lightweight self-warming knife is the perfect solution to that annoying problem when it comes to hardened butter & other spreads that have been kept in the refrigerator. The knife is made from highly efficient thermal conductive titanium to transmit heat from your hand to the blade of the knife and doesn’t use electricity. ($19.95 USD)

5) Horizontal Reflective Glasses
Okay, this is one gadget to use if you are very, very lazy. Basically these glasses allow you to lie flat on your back in bed but still be able to watch TV or read because of its unique design. ($6.47 USD)

6) Snore Stopper
Most of us suffer from a partner who snores. This respiratory gadget is designed to gently open that special someone’s nasal airway, increasing airflow through their nose while reducing breathing through the mouth. Mute is said to reduce the nighttime affects of nasal congestion or structural nasal obstruction, and therefore reduces snoring. These nasal openers come in three different sizes and are made of a gentle medical grade polymer. ($14.95 USD)

7) Water Bottle Humidifier Cap
This is great for travellers and people who have troubles with dry eyes or skin, sinus infections and headaches. These humidifier caps fit atop a water bottle and shoot out a soothing stream of mist for up to eight hours before turning itself off. The humidifier uses about an ounce of water per hour. ($6.51)

8) Hands-Free Book Holder
Simple, but if definitely makes things easier if you’re trying to read while enjoying a meal or do other activities that require both your hands. ($12.99 USD)

9) Herb Scissors
These scissors will cut your herb-chopping time in half. They’re easy to use with five sharp blades and simple to clean. ($8.99)

10) Automatic Folder
After putting your clothes through the washer and dryer, save time and hassle by putting your clothing through this invention called Foldimate. This is basically a machine-folding robot that also offers de-wrinkling and scented softening treatments. Pre orders will begin in 2017. ($700-850)

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