Help Make ‘About a Donkey’ a Reality

by February 17, 2017
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Although New York production company CongestedCat was originally founded with her friend and photographer Chris Carroll in 2011, director and producer Christina Raia’s main collaborator since 2013 has been writer Kelsey Rauber. With an LGBTQ comedic web series (‘Kelsey’), a handful of inclusive shorts and a pilot (‘Two Gays and a Girl’) under their belts, the two collaborators are now crowdfunding to make their first film, About a Donkey.

About a Donkey is about growing up, growing old and finding love & laughter along the way. The film follows the Owens family: Ann and Tim, their 3 adult children (Cecilia, Burgh, Annie and her husband Paul) and matriarch Farrah. When Tim brings home a donkey, wanting to rescue both it and himself, each of the characters’ lives are shaken up considerably.

The film’s quirky but relatable nature has been referred to as a mix between Little Miss Sunshine and Gilmore Girls, but with a donkey and strong focus on inclusion. Both Kelsey and Christina are strong believers in reflecting the world as they wish to see it. With this film, they strive to combat hate with humor and heart in hopes that it will spread empathy and bring people together.  

For more information on the film, which is slated for production in Spring 2017, click here. They’re about half way to their goal of $20,000, but you can help make a difference until March 3! It’s pretty amazing for indie artists living in an expensive city like New York to be so passionate about a project that they’d go ahead and start making it before they felt financially supported. This speaks not only to the integrity and devotion these two artists have, but also promises for a worthwhile film that you won’t want to miss out on.

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