This Film Shows What It’s Like to be a Creative Person With Depression

by February 27, 2017
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Some films start out as shorts and grow to become features, but Creative Block (French title Bloc et Blocage) began life as a feature-length script, only to find it’s ideal size as a 11 page miniature. The film, which is currently in production, is about a young artist who loses her creativity somewhere between New York and France.

The story concerns Claire, a puppeteer, who used to be artistically fruitful but is now suffering from creative block and depression. She finds deliverance in watching videos of Thibaut, a champion ice skater in France, in whom she sees her own former fire. Her newfound inspiration triggers a surreal voyage to Paris (using only the subway) to meet with her hero. To Claire’s surprise, Thibaut is experiencing the same creative block and depression she’s seeking refuge from. 

What now?

Producer Nicola Rose, who also wrote and acts in the film, set out to tell the story of a creative person embattled by depression.

“It’s easy to fall into dark territory with this topic,” she says, “The challenge here was to keep it lighthearted, to tell a story about depression with humor. But, of course, depression is far from funny. It tries to take away your identity, yet there’s always an underlying drive to get it back, to get yourself back – and that’s what Creative Block is about. There was lightness to be mined from that.”

Creative Block’s level of seriousness provides insightful juxtaposition against the filmmakers last production, Callie & Izzy, a comic web series about a girl with a puppet growing out of her hand. You can watch all 24 mini episodes of Callie & Izzy here

Filmed on location in both Paris and New York, Creative Block is bilingual, with some scenes in French and others in English. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo this winter, Creative Block finishes production in March and will be released later this year.

You can find out more about Creative Block here.

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