Sesame Tuna Over Balsamic Greens

by May 9, 2017
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I’m not a salad person. By far I’d rather have a burger and fries than a salad any day. But something about the start of warm weather brings out a cravings for lighter, healthier dishes – and I found this meal equally as satisfying if not more than the latter. The tuna and walnuts give you the protein you need, and the balsamic and pineapple give you the sweetness you’re craving. Best of all, this dish is super easy and quick to make. Whether your’re coming home after a long day at work and need something to treat yourself with or you’re looking for a recipe to impress loved ones with on the weekend, this is the perfect spring salad for those who hate salad.

*This recipe is for one. Alter as needed.

You’ll need:


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