The Summer 2017 Issue is Out!

by July 4, 2017
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FLURT Summer 2017 CoverWhether or not you were told growing up that you can be anything you want to be, it sometimes seems like those dreams have been taken away with the downturn of the economy, student loans and the political climate. But people like Danielle, who plays video games professionally, Meags who creates graphic novels for a living and Maxine who rocks her curves on camera are living proof that you can in fact do what you love.

Lauren wrote Average Girl: A Guide to Loving Yourself because she wanted other women to see how beautiful they were. Grace and Simone are creating When We Grow Up to open up a space for other women in the film industry. And Malorie started her own visual arts magazine, OPALUS, for the dreamers of the world. Whatever your thing is, take inspiration from the fact that other people will benefit from your gifts to the world – especially when we need hope more than ever.

There’s a lot of reason right now to stand up for what you believe in, protest laws that are against your rights and march in rallies alongside your allies – but don’t stop believing in yourself in the process. Keep doing what you love, regardless of what anyone else says, because it’s this passion that will energize you as well as motivate others to keep fighting with you.

This issue is our first available in print! Order the Summer 2017 issue here – or download it for free here.

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