We Asked These FLURTs About Their Body Confidence

by July 9, 2017
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For our summer 2017 issue, we photographed real people at the beach in Vancouver, Canada for a body positive photo shoot and asked them about their body confidence. The view of the mountains and ocean is amazing, but what’s even better is how their answers are so relatable.


“I’ve questioned my body image like many others have. I’m a first gen, gay male, 26 year-old, person of color, so yeah, I questioned my body. It comes from insecurity, no doubt. The expectation of what the male body should look like would run through my mind and become exaggerated into a sort of body dysmorphia that I couldn’t accomplish.”


“So my relationship with my body is still a work in progress I think is what I would call it. I love that I’m strong and that I can gain strength and muscle fairly quickly, that makes me feel so great, but I’m still learning to love parts of my body that have only really started showing up and being more prominent in the last few years.”


“I’ve been fat my whole life, in varying sizes. My whole existence and experience as a person has been tied into my body and how it’s seen and perceived and commented upon by others. I’ve always been loved or accepted in spite of my body, and because of that I never had a real connection with it as part of me. Eventually I had to decide how much I cared what others thought about my body, and how much I would allow it to prohibit me.”

To see the whole photo shoot, read the summer 2017 issue here.

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