Internet Self-Care Day 2017

by August 18, 2017
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While it may be called self-care, taking care of your physical and mental health doesn’t have to be a solo job. In fact, there are many online communities diligently working to advocate, facilitate conversations and provide resources for those seeking support.

In honor of these communities and accounts that exist to assist, we’re celebrating Internet Self-Care Day next Monday, August 21. This day is meant to centralize a discussion around self-care, more specifically self-care online, and help communities thrive in support of one another.

Internet Self-Care Day was first dreamed up by the team behind Aloe, an app that provides gentle self-care reminders. Amber Discko, founder of Aloe and popular online community Femsplain, told FLURT why they decided to keep the focus digital:

“Internet Self-Care Day came about because everyday people of the Internet are putting out more and more resources, tools and creating content dedicated to self-care. It should be celebrated and made normal to share these resources,” Amber explains.

Before we go any further, let’s clear one thing up: self-care is not selfish, and it isn’t only about face masks or bath bombs. Fostering and participating in a community, whether online or offline, can play a huge role in personal wellbeing. Amber claims, however, that there’s something special about the communities built through the web.

“There’s something about having community online that, now that I’ve found it, I could never go back to only just having an IRL support group or friends,” she says. “The Internet has given us the opportunity to discover and meet people from around the world who are similar to us. That’s so beautiful and important when life can get overwhelming or lonely.”

There are a variety of ways to participate in Internet Self-Care Day 2017. A simple way is to use the hashtag #ISCD17 to share personal self-care tips or routines, favorite accounts to follow or communities to join and anything else on your mind regarding self-care. There will also be a #ISCD17 Twitter chat at 1PM EST hosted by Amber, along with Heather Mason and Tiffanie Woods, on the Aloe Twitter account.

Later that day at 8PM EST, supporters are invited to tune in as Aloe throws a special live stream through their Kickstarter page. The schedule for the event includes: A brief Q&A with Amber, 10-step Korean skincare routine, group positivity and mindfulness sessions, honey masks, comedy and more. You can get notified of when they go live here.

“And what better day to do this than on the same day as the Solar Eclipse,” Amber adds. “I’m so excited to see what people will contribute.”

Speaking of contributions, and in the spirit of ISCD17, we’ve done some brainstorming ourselves! Here are the top self-care tips tried and recommended by members of the FLURT Team:
• Build a playlist with your favorite tunes on Spotify
• Laugh along to stand-up comedy show
• Unload your struggles to a supportive community anonymously with LemonAid
• Practice meditation and mindfulness with the Smiling Mind app
• Do some yoga with Movement for Modern Life
• Drink peppermint chamomile tea or prepare a plant-based meal
• Unplug and take a walk in the sun
• Tune in to Psychetruth for education videos on topics ranging from nutrition to massage therapy
• Realign your goals with TED Talks


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