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by August 6, 2017
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Maxine ‘Mackina’ McDermand is a model living in Edmonton, Canada. A woman with an ever-increasing calendar or events, I sat down with her to chat about her latest projects, including a starring role in the Storyhive™-produced documentary Voluptuous Beauty and her upcoming role as the face of the Spring 2017 Beauty That Counts® campaign from Mary Kay®.

Maegan: You represent many different fashion styles when you model. How would you define your own personal style?
Maxine: I don’t really know if I have one. It depends on the role that I’m playing that day. I like looking classy when I can. Lots of skirts, layered tops, sensible shoes, hair left down and neutral makeup – just enough to throw focus to my eyes. It’s nice when I have a place to go that I need to dress for success. On a normal day though, with my kids, it’s slacks and sweaters, hair tied back and no makeup.

Maegan: How has your style changed over the years?
Maxine: I was heavily into dark outfits and makeup when I was younger. I wasn’t a very happy person. I went to a performing arts school and still just kind of faded into the background. Now I prefer a little color.  

Maegan: Being full figured, do you struggle with your style?
Maxine: No, not really. I don’t shoot for items that I know won’t fit – that just brings me down. I find outfits that look flattering for my figure. If I’m realistic about who I am and know where to look then the possibilities are endless.

Maegan: What do you look for when shopping for clothing?
Maxine: I look for items that flatter my shape. I look for flowing items because I’m not too big on form restriction. I look for items that will accentuate the right parts of myself so that I can bring a touch of class and sass into my wardrobe. The most important thing is that when I look in the mirror I like the person looking back. It’s important to be comfortable and confident. It’s important to note that confidence comes from within – but clothes can be an accessory to self. Why not find the right accessory to accent your self worth?

Maegan: Do you look for fashion inspiration from anyone or any place?
Maxine: I love the mblm by Tess Holiday collection at Penningtons. In fact, I took a few pieces to Toronto with me. I also love Melissa McCarthy because of the reason she started her own clothing line. A dressmaker wouldn’t work with Melissa for an award show because of her size, so she decided to design beautiful clothes that anyone would be proud to wear. She paved her own path and I admire her for that.

Maegan: You had a different hair colour for the Mary Kay® shoot. Tell me about that.
Maxine: I didn’t have the attitude for blue. When you have a bold color you have to know how to work it. I didn’t have the sass my blue hair deserved (she laughs). But brown with blue undertone and purple highlights? That I figured I could pull off. I like keeping people on their toes!

Maegan: During the Mary Kay® trip in Toronto they introduced you to a stylist. What was that experience like?
Maxine: Diana Carreiro was phenomenal. She’s done work all over the world with celebrities and the elite. When I met her she didn’t bring any of her accomplishments up.  She was the most down to earth, loving individual. I feel so honored to have worked with her – not for what she has accomplished, but for who she is. I’ll never forget the experience.

Maegan: What was it like to shoot for a major brand?
Maxine: It was a dream come true. It set a standard for myself personally. It gave me a confidence that I never knew I possessed. I feel honored and blessed to have been chosen. To have people’s faith put into me to deliver the best of myself, that just spoke volumes. I know I can push myself further today, and in the future, to create the same results in every aspect of my life.

Maegan: Voluptuous Beauty was recently released. What kind of responses have you been getting to the film?
Maxine: I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback that we have received. I’m humbled by the support. It was a project from the heart. It encompasses everything that I stand for and holds truth to everything I’ve been through and everything I am now. It was the most vulnerable, most open I’ve ever been about my life and I was scared of rejection or ill-thought once it was released. I was scared of what I would think of myself afterwards. It opened a lot of old wounds and left me raw to reflect on everything I had been through in the past. In the end it was a cleansing, a release. It was received with love and I’m so fortunate to have teamed up with such amazing people to bring it to light. I can only hope that over time it inspires others and reaches the right people – people who need hope for a brighter tomorrow.   

Maegan: Your calendar gets fuller each time we talk. What projects do you have coming up?
Maxine: I’m going to be doing a public speaking circuit through different Alberta, Canada junior and senior high schools, as well as various organizations. I’ll be promoting the documentary and bringing awareness to anti-bullying, self love and body positivity. I’m hoping that as time goes on word will travel and we can spread the circuit across Canada. There have been too many deaths due to bullying, lack of empathy and ignorance. It’s time to bring light to those who have lost hope.

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