Six Scents is Bringing You Buttery Smooth Skin Naturally

by September 6, 2017
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I’ve been spraying Six Scents Home and Bath Essential Oil Mist on everything (including myself) since I got it last week. The scent is called Beautiful Rose, and it works great on bed sheets, hair and clothes. The company, started by Shifairah Laidlaw, is based on the values of providing customers with pure, natural and handmade products. Keeping it natural just like Mother Nature wanted, Six Scents is a home and bath business that uses simple and organic ingredients, so you know their products are not only good for you but conscious for the environment as well.

The essential oil mists are made with distilled water and various essential oils that complement each other. They retail for $10.00 and come in six scents, named after the feeling they give you – Love, Joy, Stardust, Earth, Oasis and Serenity. As well, essential oils are available if you prefer them by themselves. They cost between $8.00-$20.00. If you’ve never used essential oils before, they’re a great way to help you relax while making your apartment smell great. My favorites are lavender, peppermint and lemon. 

But the trademark of Six Scents Home and Bath are the Bath and Body Elixirs, which Just like the essential oil mists come in the same six scents as well. These elixirs are a unique way of giving yourself smooth, silky skin after your bath or shower. You can also add a little to your bath and enjoy a beautiful scent while coming out of the tub feeling incredibly sexy. As descried on the website, the elixirs are perfect if you’re looking for something that provides long lasting moisture and that leaves your skin buttery smooth after use. And as an added bonus, all of the elixirs contain age defying oils which help you look youthful and refreshed. The elixirs retail at $15.00 and are worth every drop.

The other night, I treated myself to the Stardust Bath Elixir, which is packed full of ingredients like avocado oil, coconut oil, rose essential oil, vanilla essential oil and vitamin E. The label describes that vanilla enhances pleasurable moods, relaxes the senses and provides a sense of coziness – and that all rang true during and after my long, relaxing soak. The elixir didn’t feel oily and instead absorbed very quickly into my skin, leaving only incredibly soft skin and a heavenly vanilla scent behind.

Six Scents Home and Bath is a conscious company I’ll be following for a long time. They’re located in the Edmonton area but have been in the Calgary and Vancouver markets already during their first year. Their products are gorgeous, and just visiting their website makes me feel relaxed. I see big things for this natural business and am excited to watch them continue to grow. To help support Shifairah’s mission to provide people with pure, natural and homemade products while treating yourself to luxury, visit the Six Scents website here.

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