The Fall 2017 Issue Is Out Now

by September 9, 2017
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Whether you’re dealing with some kind of illness, the pressures of life or the political climate, sometimes you might feel like you don’t have it in you to overcome your struggles. The world can be a beautiful, welcoming place – but it can also be one that’s ugly and cold – and who you show up to be during the latter is what will define you down the road. Will you build up others around you while you’re suffering, or will you tear them down to feel as awful as you do?

In this issue, Syrian refugee Myriam Keyloun teaches us about finding strength after surviving war. She talks about how keeping in touch with her friends from back home – who are now spread out around the globe – helps each other find a sense of normalcy. As well, French actor and film festival co-founder, Ingrid Jean-Baptise, tells us how she found inspiration to give others a voice at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York after being in a car crash. And finally, our cover model, renowned escort and porn performer Jane Way demonstrates how they empower themselves and others through sex work as a person with a disability and recovering addict.

We all have our good and bad days, and the following stories of resilience portray how our struggles – which often feel isolating – are better overcome by seeking community and finding ways to lift other people up in the process. I hope you enjoy these inspiring interviews – as well as the many other pieces that may awaken curiosity and change. Perhaps they will lift you up in your time of need as well.

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