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by March 1, 2018
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“What does revolutionary mean, exactly?“

In this issue, our cover model Sasha Scarr Graham talks confidently about the importance of collective empowerment and how helping someone doesn’t just help that one person, but many in return. Sasha says that if work isn’t revolutionary, it’s most likely a waste of time. But what does revolutionary mean, exactly?

You don’t have to protest on the street to make a difference. Volunteering for a cause you believe in, teaching classes at your local organization or getting an education so that you can help others in the future are all ways you’re contributing to collective empowerment. In fact, just taking care of yourself every day ensures you’re able to take care of the people around you.

In this issue, we talk about revolutionary self care, such as how marijuana can improve your health, how to have a sex life after assault and the better beauty buys you can pamper yourself with this spring. This world can be a frightening, overwhelming place that you want to change NOW – but whether you’re fighting on the front lines or cheering from the sidelines, don’t forget that the most revolutionary thing you can do is take care of yourself first.

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