Youngblood Have a New Track Called ‘Dark Place,’ But Their Sound Will Bring You Light

by August 20, 2018
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Up-and-coming Canadian alt-pop Youngblood are hitting airwaves with new single ‘Dark Place,’ and it’s a bop no respectable alternative music fan will want to skip over. Related artists? Think Lana Del Rey meets Karen O meets Debbie Harry meets Nancy Sinatra. Seriously – this track is one to give a well-deserved listen.

‘Dark Place’ first premiered on Ladygunn in early July, who described it as “…bring[ing] all the art-movie vibes — just imagine it on the soundtrack of ‘Drive,’ or ‘The Neon Demon.’ The synth growls will have you listening to it on repeat.” They’re not wrong. ‘Dark Place’ starts off feeling like you should be dancing in a dark club, but as the chorus begins the dance floor in your head immediately lights up with spinning colors.

The track is a perfect balance between an energizing groove and a rainy day sulk – but in the best way possible. The synth growls and electric riffs truly are a high of their own, and you’ll be transported into your own neon aura for the entire three minutes and thirty-five seconds. Oh, and the higher the volume, the better the experience – listener tested.

As far as the Vancouver-based group’s sound goes outside of the new single, retro-futuristic melodies and siren-like vocals are quintessential to their ‘intensively lush’ arrangements. Their live show is equally infectious, as crowd’s surrender to their ‘simultaneously dreamy and vicious’ sound. The group spent 2017 touring across places such as Canada, Europe, Australia, the United States and India, and with a sound so ethereal as theirs, it’s clear to see how they attract a global audience. They performed a sold out show with Bishop Briggs in Vancouver just recently, and their April release of single ‘Better When You’re Close’ racked up over 115, 000 Spotify streams in less than three months.

If a raving review wasn’t enough to satisfy your dose of tasty music knowledge for the day, frontwoman Alexis Young took the time to answer a few questions about the new single and big-name DJ’s the group has worked with. Not to mention they have a new EP, Fantasy Love, slated for release later this year.

Q: You just released your new single ‘Dark Place’ on July 13 – can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the track? Is there anything in particular you’d want listeners to take from it as a sort of advice or life lesson?

Dark Place was written in a haze on a grey January day during a time that I just felt like I couldn’t really do anything right. I was caught in a downward spiral of relentless over-thinking, and I wanted to hit the self-destruct button to sabotage everything around me. It’s a part of this weird masochistic thing that I do that the thrill of losing everything helps me feel alive. I feel like I sometimes purposefully put myself in a compromising situation absolutely knowing that it will not end well, because doing the right thing takes courage. Growth is uncomfortable, and sometimes I would rather just let it all burn than face the problem and deal with it. It’s certainly not worth it for the consequences that follow, though – especially when it hurts those closest to you.

However, I feel like I’ve hopefully gotten that phase of my life out of my system now. So don’t worry everyone, I think I’m less of a loose cannon these days… haha.

Q: You also worked with Juno-nominated DJ Sleepy Tom on the single – what was it like working with someone who has their name on tracks for artists such as Diplo and Martin Solveig?

I worked with Sleepy Tom on our first EP, so making this 2nd one with him was great because we’ve already spent the time getting to know each other and what we like and don’t like, so it was a really easy and fun experience. We were able spend more time on finding sounds and crafting a soundscape that we really felt matched the emotional content of the tracks.

Q: What can fans expect out of your upcoming EP Fantasy Love, out later this year?

You can expect some more songs about coveting relationships and building up a fantasy in your mind, and some real smooth tracks best for driving down a dark highway really fast at night.

Catch Youngblood on tour this year, and listen to ‘Dark Place’ on all platforms.

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