Amanda Eifert


My Worst Job Ever: Dairy Queen

by November 15, 2013

My first job ever was at Dairy Queen. My duties included taking orders and making ice cream treats. DQ ...

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Current Events

Should Corporations Pay for Birth Control?

by November 13, 2013

Technically, corporations already have been given the right to free speech by the US Supreme Court, but they could ...

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Creative Edmonton’s The Moustache Gala

by October 30, 2013

In the Edmonton area? Come out to the Yellowhead Brewery for The Moustache Gala on November 15 from 7pm ...

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Alison Abbink-Ouellet: Body Builder

by September 12, 2013

Alison has some advice for gurls who want to start building: She hopes you never forget to love yourself ...

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Burka Avenger: Is Pakistan’s First Female Superhero a Good Role Model?

by September 11, 2013

Pakistan's first female superhero could be the new role model for our younger generation, but some people are against ...

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Plus Size Fashion: Where to Go?

by August 23, 2013

Every gurl in every size wants to look stylish in flattering clothes. Sadly, most stores stick to stocking clothes ...

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Sex & Dating

A Culture Saturated in Sex

by August 21, 2013

Nowadays young gurls are increasingly exposed to sexualisation. Viewing sexually objectifying material may contribute to body dissatisfaction, eating disorders ...

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Current Events

A Killer on the Cover of Rolling Stone – Making A Point

by August 16, 2013

The accused killer from the Boston Marathon bombings was featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine.  ...

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Put Me In A One-Piece, Baby

by August 15, 2013

The retro, one-piece swimsuits from the 1930s to the 1960s are back in style and are even hotter than ...

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A Pink Mass: The Satanic Temples’ Response to the WBC’s Anti Gay Agenda

by August 11, 2013

A satanic group organized a "pink mass" over the grave of the Westboro Baptist Church's founder's mother. They claimed ...

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Jenny From The Block

by August 10, 2013

Jennifer Lopez, who is often referred to as the creator of dreams for women everywhere, recently turned 44 years ...

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Sex & Dating

Can Sex Be a Deal Breaker?

by August 8, 2013

All men and women are made differently. Some have lower sex drives, while others have higher sex drives. When ...

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