Amanda Van Slyke


Amanda Van Slyke is the Founder, Director and Editor in Chief of Flurt Magazine. She's also a freelance writer for various publications and the creator of The PMDD Project, a documentary about women around the world living with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.


The Perfect Roasted Potatoes

by November 7, 2015

I eat these legit everyday, so I thought I'd give you the recipe and let you in on the ...

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Health & Wellness

This Woman Is Living Life to the Fullest With Cystic Fibrosis

by November 6, 2015

Bailey Anne Vincent is the founder of Makeover Momma, but you might know her best from her powerful writings ...

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Better Beauty Buys

This Natural Soap Will Keep Your Skin Moisturized and Smelling Great

by November 2, 2015

FLURT spoke to Portia about why she started her business, the importance of natural products and how you can ...

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10 Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

by November 1, 2015

Founder Amanda shares her favourite documentaries, swearing by them for changing her life and the way she continues to ...

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Mental Health

Finally There’s Help for Women With PMDD

by October 29, 2015

I spoke with Amanda LaFleur who runs The National Association for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder in the United States to ...

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Health & Wellness

26 Things I Learned in 26 Years

by October 17, 2015

It's founder Amanda's birthday! Read what she's learned in her 26 years of living.

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Jalapeno Mac and Cheese

by October 16, 2015

Whether or not you're gluten or dairy free, you're sure to enjoy a heaping pile of this healthier but ...

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Health & Wellness

Hipbees: Natural Skin Care Products You Can Trust

by October 7, 2015

Hipbees is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in beeswax-based skin-care products.

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Mental Health

The Fall 2015 Issue is Out Now

by September 22, 2015

Jillian Nicole is using her bipolar disorder to help others overcome mental illness. Read more about her and other ...

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Contests & Promotions

We’re Launching a Patreon to Celebrate Our 5th Birthday

by August 3, 2015

In order to be the first socially conscious women's magazine, we need to treat our goal as a full ...

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Meet the Filmmaker of the Campaign Video

by June 27, 2015

Angie and I talked about her career as a filmmaker, what drives her to showcase important issues and what ...

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Current Events

Get FLURT in Print!

by June 26, 2015

Beyond the gossip and the brands and the beauty articles there is so much more readers care about. We ...

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