Amy Saunders


Living the eLuxe Lifestyle: Erin Lubelsky

by December 8, 2014

ELuxe is Canada’s leading online retailer of original designer collections. Erin Lubelsky, the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager at ...

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Better Beauty Buys

Beacon & Lively Brings Innovativity to the Future of Fashion

by November 26, 2014

Flurt had the opportunity to meet with leaders in the field of tech and fashion, including Veronica Becker who ...

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The Future of Fashion: Startup Fashion Week Shows What Female Entrepreneurs are Bringing to Fashion, Business and Technology

by October 16, 2014

Opening night showcased a variety of designers including Beacon and Lively, designers of the most fashionable piece of wearable ...

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Dreamcatcher Candles with Entrepreneur Joanna Hawley

by August 16, 2014

The love of Joanna's work was sparked from candle's ability to alter the mood and energy of spaces. “Dreamcatchers ...

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Birth Control

Why After Years of Resistance I Decided to Go on the Pill

by August 12, 2014

After a year of various ruptures, hospital visits and waking up drenched in sweat in different spots in my ...

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Bold and Talented, Lowell is Sure to Top the Charts

by July 30, 2014

We Loved Her Dearly is the perfect synth-pop-rock infusion for riding the rails of a busy, colorful city on ...

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Fat Positive

Plus Size Pleasure: Sex-Ed with Jessica Drake

by July 22, 2014

A couple sits in front of the camera and discusses their intimate moments with Jessica Drake as Kelly Shibari ...

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Reproductive Rights

Flurt’s Interview With Obvious Child

by July 16, 2014

Obvious Child, though more hilarious than any of us actually are, is a movie that truly depicts romance and ...

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Contests & Promotions

Jessica Drake on Plus Size Sex & Your Chance to Win!

by July 15, 2014

Jessica Drake has been bringing sexy education to women, men and couples around the world for almost a decade. ...

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Contests & Promotions

#FlurtsPlusSizeGiveaway – Our Interview with Kelly Shibari & the Contest of the Summer

by July 7, 2014

Kelly Shibari is mainstream porn’s answer to body diversity. After seeing the need for education in the realm of ...

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The Best Party of World Pride: CREAM with Carole Pope and Peaches

by July 4, 2014

Flurt got busy shaking our asses and making out just like Peaches told us to, compelled by the soundtrack ...

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Queer Bathroom Stories Opens Dialogue About Sex and Gender

by June 12, 2014

Sheila Cavanagh, playwright and sex academic, first penned the book titled Queering Bathrooms: Sex, Gender and the Hygienic Imagination ...

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