Becca Clarkson

Becca Clarkson is a Vancouver based writer who’s passions include cycling, dancing, taking pictures of her cat, consuming Beyoncé in large quantities, podcasts and travel. A graduate from UBC’s once prestigious Creative Writing Program, Becca has worked in payroll, childcare, telemarketing and public relations. She hopes to continue writing work that eliminates the stigma surrounding mental illness and slays the patriarchy.

Current Events

Is Justin Trudeau More Similar to Donald Trump than We Might Think?

by October 5, 2017

Are the leaders of Canada and the United States leading us into a game of 'Let's Make a Deal?'

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In Conversation With the Stars of Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl

by July 11, 2017

Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl is part relationship thriller, part haunted house film and part genre homage.

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Reproductive Rights

Planned Parenthood Loses Funding In Week 1 of Trump Administration

by January 30, 2017

The funding towards Planned Parenthood isn't even allowed to go towards abortion because of the Hyde Amendment.

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Current Events

Canada Is Overdue for Gender Neutral IDs

by January 26, 2017

Having gender neutral IDS would mean more inclusivity in many areas of life, such as going to the doctor ...

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10 Comedians to Get You Through A Trump Presidency

by December 22, 2016

2016 has been hard on us all. Here are 10 of our favorite comedians to help us through the ...

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