Erin Emily Ann Vance

Calgary, Canada

Erin Emily Ann Vance is a poet and freelance writer from Black Diamond, Alberta. Her articles have appeared in Grip, Edmonton Women's Magazine, and Calgary Senior News, and her poetry has appeared in literary journals all across North America and even Indonesia. She works with children and adults on the autism spectrum, and runs a creative writing program out of the Autism Aspergers Friendship Society. She is approaching the end of her BA Honours in English with a creative writing concentration at the University of Calgary, and is completing a verse memoir about mountaineering for her thesis.​ She is the editor of Honey Pot: A Journal of Intersectional Feminism and the Creator of Bright Star Literary Jewelry.


10 Style Icons for Fall

by August 25, 2016

Check out this gallery of 10 style icons for autumn and begin gathering inspiration before the leaves turn.

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Body Image

Embracing the Braless Life

by August 7, 2016

Erin talks about her journey towards going braless and why not wearing a bra was the best choice for ...

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Health & Wellness

Skinny Dipping: A Guide to Getting Empowered

by August 5, 2016

Thinking about going for a dip this summer? Here are some reasons why skinny dipping can be empowering,

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8 Ways to Conquer School Papers

by January 25, 2016

With the start of the spring semester upon us, Erin offers her academic writing tips to help us get ...

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Your (Ambitious) Holiday Reading List

by December 20, 2015

I devour books over the holidays like my family devours Christmas cookies, and somehow between my grad school ...

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4 Books of Poetry to Help You Transition from Patio Beers to Fireside Lattes

by September 7, 2015

Check out these 4 innovative collections of poetry by brilliant women as we transition from warm summer nights to ...

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It’s Okay Not to Swallow

by June 13, 2015

The right partner won't care if you swallow, spit or don’t go down on them at all, because at ...

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Sex Toys

What We Talk About When We Talk About Masturbation

by May 30, 2015

A dark veil surrounds masturbation and self-pleasure. While the majority of people masturbate, it's rarely discussed aside from the ...

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Health & Wellness

4 Reasons You Should Strongly Consider the HPV Vaccine

by May 5, 2015

There are horrendous, un-feminist and dangerous myths surrounding the HPV vaccine. I've taken the time to debunk some of ...

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Health & Wellness

Your Guide to Making Love to Yourself

by March 5, 2015

Regular orgasms lower stress, prevent insomnia, cure headaches, boost your mood, boost your immune system and can even stimulate ...

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Mental Health

5 Tips to Survive Wanderlust and Winter Blues

by January 20, 2015

Your wanderlust is buried deep beneath the ice in your January chest, vibrating incessantly. How do you shake this ...

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#Writingwhilefemale is Creating a Space Female Writers Haven’t Had Before

by January 5, 2015

#writingwhilefemale validated many of my experiences as a young women and a writer. More than anything, it allowed me ...

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