Maya Kuipers

Edmonton, Canada

Sex positive

This Company’s Ads are Being Censored for Promoting Female Sexuality

by June 13, 2018

Sex sells, until the advertisement is promoting female sexual wellness and a healthy pursuit of sexual pleasure.

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Health & Wellness

What It’s Like to Have Sex After Sexual Assault

by April 24, 2018

What is it like for people who have been assaulted to go on to try to have sexual lives? ...

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How Can We Teach Consent in Schools?

by February 6, 2018

Consent should be taught from an early age so that adults can have a better understanding in their sex ...

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Ending the Stigma Against Muslims

by December 15, 2017

Manal Machhour Assaf talks about what it's like being stigmatized and how we can change how we look at ...

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