Body Image

Who’s Allowed to Speak on Plus Size Issues?

by June 2, 2016

Do celebrities such as Amy Schumer get to speak on plus size issues or should we leave it to ...

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How the World Would End Without Gender

by May 31, 2016

Without gender, how would we know what clothing to wear or what razors to buy? The world as we ...

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#FreetheFatYEG is Providing a Space for People to Feel Comfortable in Their Skin

by May 26, 2016

Maegan is starting a grassroots movement for plus-size activities that aren’t fitness-based in the Edmonton area and beyond.

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If “All Lives Matter” Logic Was Applied to Everyday Life

by May 21, 2016

This Buzzfeed video humorously tackles the problem behind #AllLivesMatter, an attempt to overgeneralize the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Travel Is a Privilege

by May 20, 2016

Youtuber Athena Genevieve's latest installment in the series Allies 101 talks about travel as a privilege.

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The Price of Protesting

by May 20, 2016

Connie Levitsky made headlines when she was fired from a plus-size retailer for using the word "fat." In a ...

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Can You be Friends With Someone Who Has Different Political Views?

by May 10, 2016

Connie says over the years, she's realized people don't believe what they believe for no reason, and instead have ...

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Marijuana positive

Should Patients be Able to Choose Marijuana Over Prescription Drugs?

by May 9, 2016

People like Abby Hughes choose to use marijuana instead of prescription drugs for conditions such as endometriosis, even when ...

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Health & Wellness

Raising Sexual Assault Awareness through Honesty

by April 17, 2016

In acknowledgment of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Lorena has bravely shared her personal story in the hopes of bringing ...

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Current Events

This Actress Was a Refugee. Now She’s Documenting the Refugee Crisis

by April 8, 2016

Hitting close to home, Milana documents the crisis and why we need to look at these people as main ...

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Fat Positive

I Got Fired From a Fat Ladies Store for Saying the Word ‘Fat’

by April 6, 2016

If a company will fire someone for using the word 'fat' to describe my place in their company, what ...

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Current Events

What’s It Like to Live With an Invisible Disability?

by April 5, 2016

Dyspraxia Foundation Ambassador Krystal-Bella Shaw talks about what it's like to live with an invisible disability and how sharing ...

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