Kate Willett Talks Bisexuality & Polyamory on New Comedy Album

by May 31, 2017

We caught up with Kate Willett to talk about bisexuality, polyamory and more on her new comedy album, Glass ...

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The Handmaid’s Tale: Could It Happen Here?

by May 3, 2017

A review of Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale"

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Health & Wellness

‘Fate – Picking Up Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

by April 27, 2017

Author Elizabeth Gilbert of 'Eat Pray Love' teaches us how to live creatively beyond fear.

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‘Get Out’ of Your Comfort Zone

by April 26, 2017

'Get Out' confronts modern day racism in Jordan Peele's horror film.

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This Film Shows What It’s Like to be a Creative Person With Depression

by February 27, 2017

Producer Nicola Rose sets out to show that it's like to have a creative block in her upcoming film.

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10 Documentaries That Inspire You to Become Healthier

by and February 18, 2017

Who knew that watching Netflix could be a part of your health regime?

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Help Make ‘About a Donkey’ a Reality

by February 17, 2017

About A Donkey is filmmaking duo Kelsey Rauber and Christina Raia's next inclusive piece of art and they're crowdfunding ...

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Flush Fatale Creator Talks Women in Art

by January 9, 2017

Artist Micaela Blondin cats with us about her project Femme Fatale, a deck of cards illustrated by women, depicting ...

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5 Netflix Shows to Watch This Winter

by December 30, 2016

Maegan talks about what shows you should be watching this winter while you're curled up inside to stay warm. ...

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Required Reading: 8 Books for Winter Break

by December 29, 2016

Ali gives you your required reading list for winter break, including Hannah Hart's Buffering,

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Brad Walsh Is Bringing Consciousness to the Club

by December 24, 2016

Amanda interviews musician Brad Walsh on his new album, Six Infinite, and the responsibility to put meaningful lyrics in ...

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10 Comedians to Get You Through A Trump Presidency

by December 22, 2016

2016 has been hard on us all. Here are 10 of our favorite comedians to help us through the ...

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