How to Plan a Good Death

by September 21, 2018

Funeral celebrant Roxanne Walsh says it doesn’t matter what your age is, you need to plan for your death.

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Meet Mobius: The First Eco-Progressive Backpack

by August 29, 2018

Tentree has created the world’s first eco-progresive backpack, and frankly, it’s a brilliant addition to the travel community.

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6 Ways You’re Doing Recycling Wrong

by July 4, 2018

If we don’t get as many people as possible on board, the end of earth as we know it ...

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Mental Health

How Cannabis Can Improve Your Health

by April 17, 2018

More and more people are using cannabis to help with issues from back pain to anxiety. Here's how it ...

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Why I Started a T-Shirt Company as a Form of Resistance

by February 26, 2018

Mel is designing t-shirts that celebrate activists and give back to charities during the Trump era.

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Mental Health

What It’s Like to Have an Invisible Illness

by February 7, 2018

When you're not healthy enough to work but not able to qualify for disability life can feel bleak. But ...

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He Said, “I Can Turn You Straight”

by January 30, 2018

Rachael grew up thinking being gay was wrong because of their faith, and a boy took advantage of that. ...

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What to Do if You Get Doxed

by January 21, 2018

Doxing is defined as the public release of someone’s private information. Here's what to do if it happens to ...

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Weed-Infused Holiday Baking to Help You Give a Fuck

by December 13, 2017

Feeling blah this time of year? Perhaps some weed-infused holiday baking will help you give a fuck or two.

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Sexual Assault

#METOO: Where Do We Go From Here?

by November 22, 2017

Now is about the time we begin discussing the fact that sexual assault is a widespread systemic problem.

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Reproductive Rights

Why You Should Consider Switching to a Menstrual Cup

by October 12, 2017

The most common reason people don't use a menstrual cup is because they lack an understanding of how it’s ...

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Non binary

What It Means to be Non-Binary

by October 11, 2017

We don’t want to make your life hard with different pronouns – we just want to feel right in ...

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