Sex & Dating


Andrew Gurza is Your #1 Queer Cripple

by September 21, 2018

“One day I decided to call myself a disability consultant, create a card and see what happened."

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Sex work

The War on Sex: How SESTA-FOSTA is Stripping Your Rights

by July 16, 2018

Not only is SESTA-FOSTA stripping away the rights of sex workers, but also every U.S citizen who wants to ...

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I Found Out I Have Herpes, But it’s Better than You Think

by July 10, 2018

Suddenly, I became an STI positive person. I was terrified. I didn’t want to give up having sex.

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Sexual Assault

What It’s Like to Have Sex After Sexual Assault

by April 24, 2018

What is it like for people who have been assaulted to go on to try to have sexual lives? ...

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body hair

Nikki Silver is Paving the Way for Feminist Hairy Porn

by March 2, 2018

Body hair is seen as unfeminine and unsexy in mainstream society, but this porn producer is changing the dialogue. ...

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How Can We Teach Consent in Schools?

by February 6, 2018

Consent should be taught from an early age so that adults can have a better understanding in their sex ...

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Is Natural Birth Control Right for You?

by January 24, 2018

Many menstruating people are choosing to use fertility awareness methods. Here's what you should know.

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How to Stay Safe While Dating Online

by January 23, 2018

Establishing safety measures before meeting someone face-to-face is crucial. Make sure you're taking steps to stay safe.

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Meet the Original Webcam Girl

by October 8, 2017

Brittany was the first woman in Canada to have her own website dedicated towards camming.

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Sex work

Jane Way Says Sex Work Saved Them

by October 6, 2017

The queer, non-binary, punk rocker is an escort and porn performer in Toronto, Canada.

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Is There Anyone Decent on Tinder?

by August 25, 2017

Sarah Lee navigates the world of Tinder for the first time and learns if there are any decent people ...

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How to Get Over Someone You Never Had

by August 19, 2017

Sarah met the love of her life in an elevator...or at least she might have if she had actually ...

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