Fashion for Every Woman: Smart Glamour Provides Affordable, Customizable Clothes

by August 1, 2014

The idea that women deserve more than what’s been provided to them on the runway is why Mallorie ended ...

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How to Rock Hayley’s Signature Winged Eyeliner

by July 28, 2014

Ever wanted to wear winged eyeliner but every time you tried to apply it you just ended up looking ...

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6 Easy-Breezy Summer Hairstyles You Can Dress Up or Down

by July 1, 2014

Summer is a fun time, but it can also be a busy one. Use these easy hairstyles next time ...

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Street Style

Street Style: Cait from Iowa

by June 25, 2014

Freelance writer, Cait, from Iowa shows off her vintage-inspired look, as well as a new friend she made while ...

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10 Must Haves for Your Summer Internship

by June 4, 2014

Starting a summer internship? The tricky thing about dressing for one is that you need to make sure you're ...

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My First Time at FAT: The Fashion Art Toronto Show

by May 23, 2014

The show was a far cry from the solemn runway experiences I had grown up watching on Fashion Television. ...

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12 Tips to Make Your Thrift Store Trip Better

by April 10, 2014

My love for thrift stores began when I was in university, because we all know how expensive school is ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of Beautiful Brows

by March 26, 2014

Since first popping into the Indian style brow bar by after to ask about their services, I was told ...

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How to Find Cruelty Free Beauty Products

by March 25, 2014

Have you ever heard of the Draize test? It involves products being dropped into the eyes of rabbits, ...

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Street Style

Street Style: Business-Casual Alexis

by March 24, 2014

I caught Alexis hanging out at the Marriott in Edmonton for a drink before heading out for an afternoon ...

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Street Style

Street Style: Courtney Winters

by March 4, 2014

To Courtney, style can be found in all places, not just designer or department stores. Trading in her jeans ...

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Home & Decor

Four Ways to Get the Most out of Your Living Space

by February 24, 2014

If you’re anything like me, you love crafting, and you find yourself repurposing anything you can to make your ...

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