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Average Girl: A Guide to Loving Your Body

by July 31, 2017

Emily Lauren Dick talks about why she wrote a book on learning to love the body you're in.

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Mental Health

We Asked These FLURTs About Their Body Confidence

by July 9, 2017

We photographed real people and asked them about body confidence. Their answers were, well, relatable.

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Body Image

I Got a Lash Lift and It Was the Best Thing I Did for Myself

by January 10, 2017

Amanda talks about getting a lash lift and how it boosted her confidence to wake up feeling effortlessly beautiful.

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Find Yourself in 2017

by December 31, 2016

Alexandra talks about how you can finally become the person you want to be in 2017.

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4 Ways To Stop Feeling Insecure During Sex

by October 9, 2016

Louise Pentland, or SprinkleOfGlitter as she's known on the internet, is a terrific advocate for body confidence and self ...

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How Roller Derby Changed This Woman’s Life

by October 3, 2016

Victoria Stevens talks about why she joined roller derby, the supportive community she found in it and the brave ...

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Reproductive Rights

Embracing the Braless Life

by August 7, 2016

Erin talks about her journey towards going braless and why not wearing a bra was the best choice for ...

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Health & Wellness

Skinny Dipping: A Guide to Getting Empowered

by August 5, 2016

Thinking about going for a dip this summer? Here are some reasons why skinny dipping can be empowering,

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Body Image

Summer 2016 Issue Out Now

by July 11, 2016

Editor-in-Chief Amanda talks about the Summer 2016 contents, such as 5 date ideas on a budget, the rise of ...

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Heather Mae’s ‘I Am Enough’ is Empowering Us to Believe in Ourselves

by June 25, 2016

Heather Mae has started a movement for misfits who grew up feeling like they weren't good enough. In fact, ...

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Fat Positive

My Weekend at the 3rd Annual Weight Bias Summit

by June 16, 2016

If our beliefs around those who are LGBTQ+ as well as those with mental illness has started to change, ...

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Health & Wellness

Public Service Announcement: Your Body is Perfect

by June 13, 2016

You're under no obligation to look a certain way because it might make others uncomfortable.

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